I met Sherry with intentions of getting a personal trainer and getting fit. At the time due to my job I was unable to commit to a program to work out with her. I found her on Facebook and have enjoyed reading her posts and soaking up her knowledge and inspiration.(During football season we enjoy the friendly BAMA v LSU rivalry and smack talk that goes with it.) After being plagued with health issues and trying to do things on my own I became very frustrated at the fact I was 30 pounds overweight and felt horrible.

I am in my mid 40's, had issues from PCOS, been on the pill for 20 years, insulin resistance, IBS, and was living with half of my thyroid. I felt horrible, headaches, muscle weakness, heart palpitations, stomach issues... you name it! I was really starting to become depressed . For over a year I had been watching my diet, and working out consistently. I completed my first triathlon 30 pounds overweight and embarrassed to wear a tri suit. No matter what I did... the weight was not coming off. I had always been an athlete, always been in good shape and never had an issue losing weight when I wanted to.

Really concerned now about my weight as nothing worked for over a year.... I emailed Sherry asking her for her opinion on hormone imbalances truly having an effect on the ability to lose weight. Sherry and I emailed back and forth as I explained my problems to her and my eating habits to her. I only thought I was eating clean. Sherry very kindly offered assistance and asked me if i could stick with a VERY CLEAN SIMPLE diet for 2 weeks. I took this wealth of information she gave me and ran with it.

In the two weeks I followed her plan to a T.. I did not cheat , I got into an emergency situation and had to make do for 1 meal in that 2 weeks . I lost 5 pounds and over 1% body fat in that short amount of time. My stomach flattened out, my going to the bathroom 5 times a day stopped, and I felt so much better. To this day I still adhere to Sherry's plan with a few new foods incorporated here and there.. It has become a way of life for me now. I have lost 20 pounds, I am down 3 % body fat. I just finished my first Olympic distance triathlon . I have my sights on Ironman Texas in May 2015.

I was honestly on the verge of giving up on my weight, exercise, and fitness when I emailed Sherry that day. I was extremely frustrated . I am so grateful she took the time to spend on me. I am very pleased with my progress, and how I feel. Even my neighbors stop me and tell me I am getting skinny! I have made a commitment to become an Ironman and I have my days when I wonder if I can really do this. Thanks to Sherry my journey is off on the right start. They say nutrition is the 4th discipline of triathlons. If it were not for Sherry taking that priceless extra time, I honestly do not think I would be pursuing this dream. Sherry, I do expect to see you at the finish line .

Sherry blows me away with her vast amount of knowledge regarding everything relating to the human body . She is a wealth of information from workouts to injuries, health issues, nutrition, weight loss... there doesn't appear to be anything she doesn't know. She found her calling in being a trainer! Whatever your fitness goals are, Sherry can get you there. The only reason you wouldn't... is because you didn't put forth the effort and follow her advise!

Sherry , Thanks again so much!

Amy Harless


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