Sherry Mohr provides her clients with one to one exclusive personal training.  That means, depending on your goals, objectives  and desires, Sherry will create a training plan to fit your unique needs.

Sherry trains her clients in a personal training studio which allows her the ability to offer a more exclusive partnership with her clients.


Your results are heavily dependent on one thing.  You can have the greatest personal trainer in the world, a nutritionist, a massage therapist, someone to prepare your meals(boy, would I love that!) or a pilates instructor and basically it all comes down to one thing, YOU!!!
Nobody can grant you great results. You have got to want it for yourself. I'm a firm believer that everybody has underlying motives that drives them and motivates them
To be successful in fitness or anything else for that matter, you've got to want it for yourself. You've got to have that desire to change and better yourself.



The most successful clients I've worked with in my career are the clients who have a burning desire to change from within. Outside motives such as 'my husband and I want to lose weight' or 'my doctor told me to exercise' won't cut it. You have got to want it for yourself.
Figure out what drives you, what motivates you. Use that motivation as fuel to work hard and accomplish your goals. Everyone has a best body and can achieve it.  Life isn't always going to be a piece of cake.  There will be inevitable road blocks, and situations that will tire you and test your will. However, the successful individuals refuse to let these road blocks cloud their vision. They keep pushing, they keep working. 
Once you've made the decision to change, put everything into it!


The training studio environment is family oriented, unpretentious and supportive. This is an excellent option for clientele who may be uncomfortable in a large gym atmosphere.

What Sherry will do for you:

-         Help you set inspiring realistic goals
-         Help you effectively change your eating habits
-         Reduce stress and anxiety

-         Tone up your muscle and improve your bone density
-         Improve your stamina and endurance
-         Lower your blood pressure and possibly get off your medication
-         Provide functional fitness by making your daily activities easier.
-         Reaccessed fitness plans every 2 - 4 weeks
-         Improve your athletic performance

Sherry is part of YOUR solution:

Are you ever tempted to ‘blow off’ your workouts? Are you ever tempted to sleep just 1 more hour instead of  getting up early for an early morning workout? Are you just too tired after you get home from work? When you do cardio, do you ever quit early even though you know you could keep going for a few more minutes? When you work out with weights, do you sometimes give up even though you know you have a few more reps in you?

If  you answered YES, then Sherry is here to motivate you, inspire you and keep you accountable. And being accountable is one of the biggest secrets to motivation. She is certain that you will push yourself harder when someone is looking over your shoulder during a training session.

Can you put a price on YOUR health?

There’s an old saying written by The Earl of Derby in 1873,  ‘"Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness’."

Sherry will accommodate your training needs whether you train once, twice or three times a week. Her training sessions are up to 55 mins. in length depending on your goals and conditioning.  Training sessions are done in packages of  8 or 12 sessions. Please contact Sherry @ 936-521-9337 for a free 1 hour consultation.

Don't wait until the time is perfect. Believe in yourself. Visualize your dream. Take action. Life is not a spectator sport!

           Suspension Training


Mohrfit now offering Suspension Training!

What is Suspension Training? Suspension Training is a form of resistance training that allows the client to work against their own body weight in a variety of planes. All of the muscles of the body will work together in Suspension Training.

Benefits of Suspension Training? The benefits of Suspension Training are aimed at developing strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and joint stability simultaneously. The gains in core strength are highly notable.

Who would benefit from Suspension Training? Everyone! Because the client can control the resistance and level of difficulty by simply shifting the position of their body. Many physical therapists are using Suspension Training to help their patients recover from injuries. The ease of adjusting resistance and functionality of using body weight make it a very powerful tool for gentle rehabilitation.



Beginning February 1st, 2013, Mohrfit will offer Pilates Mat in conjuction with strength training.

Pilates can strengthen your core by challenging your deep abdominal muscles, offer relief from back pain and joint stress, improve flexibility, posture and balance.

The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.”

– Joseph Pileates, 1939

           Corporate Fitness


Both employers and employees benefit from a healthy and fit work force. Although employees may be individually motivated to lose weight and maintain physical fitness on their own, employers can offer incentives to encourage their workers to do so. Studies have shown that employees who workout on a regular basis have better overall health, including greater resistance to illness which equals a lower absentee rate. This can result in lower health care costs, which lowers the total cost of your company's health insurance premiums.
Some health insurance plans will pay for Personal Training if prescribed by your physician for a specific issue. Most physicians are more than willing to help their patients live a healthy active lifestyle.  Check with your Human Resource Dept  on how to utilize your FSA(flexible spending account) with a physicians prescription.
Exercise has been proven as the most powerful disease prevention tool of all. “The side effects will increase longevity but the best part is your quality of life will be dramatically improved. 
It's a positive return on your investment!

Sherry offers onsite training at your corporate fitness facility. Don't have a fitness facility?
Utilize our facility for your Personal Training sessions and get 10% off the total package cost.


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