Training with Sherry has totally changed my life.  Before I met Sherry, I was only able to loose about 20 pounds before I plateaued, and quit.  Sherry has taught me the importance of weight training, daily cardio, and proper nutrition.  I have been amazed at the results, as have my family and friends.   Yes, it is hard work, but it WORKS! 

My cholesterol has dropped 60 points; my blood pressure is 102/68.  I have lost a total of 42.5 inches!  I feel and look years younger!  As of December 17, 2010 I have lost a total of 67 pounds!  Sherry is incredibly creative.  She has an endless repertoire of workouts.  You are never bored.  She has an excellent knowledge of anatomy.  

Sherry is also an expert in nutrition.  Her nutrition plans are well thought out.  Every food is there for a reason and in combination with other foods for a reason.  

I have total confidence in her and would recommend her to anyone ready for a change.  Sherry is able to encourage you and kick your butt at the same time!

Sherry is always there for her clients; supporting them through texts, emails, and facebook.  She wants you succeed!


UPDATE 12/6/11

Breaking Through the Dreaded Plateau

You've been stuck, the scale's been stuck.  What's going on?  You've reached the dreaded weight loss plateau. Usually this is when I throw my hands up in the air and go back to my old ways.  In fact, when I first met Sherry, I told her that I would do anything as long as it worked.  Trying to diet on my own, I would  plateau after losing 20 pounds.  Working with Sherry, I didn’t hit a plateau until well past fifty pounds.  I really feel that this was due to her expertise in nutrition, planning my cardio and strength training sessions.

But eventually, I found myself on a plateau.  Whether this was due to a couple of injuries that kept me from increasing my cardio, or my body simply rebelling at the continued weight loss, I will probably never know.  Thankfully Sherry had a plan.   Have I seen major results?  YES! In 4 weeks, I was able to lose 5.4 more pounds.  More astonishing….I lost 20 inches!  Yes, 20 inches in four weeks!  I simply could not believe it!  I would have NEVER thought that was possible.  I still can’t believe it and I did it!!  Sherry pushes you hard, and you will see the results!  

It truly feels amazing and almost unbelievable to break through a plateau! It gives you hope, a sense of renewal and faith in yourself that you can do this.  I have new resolve that I will be successful in this journey. If you find yourself stuck, don't worry, Sherry has a plan and it works!! 



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