Spinning Mary's Story

Hi Sherry…, thought you’d like to see this email...

My HUGE THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!! to all of you who supported my effort to raise funds for this incredible event – RIDE AMERICA -- AND believed in my ability to succeed!  My personal goal as a 'solo 6-hour rider was required to be $500; with all of your wonderful support, I was able to personally raise $1105 !! ...more than double my goal :)
Organized by the Connecticut Sports Foundation, more than 180 indoor cyclists and supporters joined together at RIDE AMERICA 2011 and raised more than $94,000 in support of Connecticut cancer patients and their families!

It was heartwarming to be a part of the collective enthusiasm and spirit of so many individuals who made a difference.  The family of 4 year-old Abbie Brouker, the 2011 special grant recipient, was overwhelmed by the support and will use a portion of their grant to bring Abbie to a specialist in Ohio who can help with her Chronic Graft vs. Host Disease.  Her family announced at the event that, at the moment, Abbie is cancer-free!

My 'work-out of choice' for many years has been spinning at the gym.  After training for weeks with 2 and 3 hour spin sessions, I awoke the morning of February 26, 2011 completely psyched to tackle this 6-hour challenge for the 2nd year in a row.  There were 100 bikes; a total of 181 riders....1 rider doing 24-hours, 7 riders doing 6-hours (me being 1 of those 7) -- the rest were teams.  My sincere praise goes directly to God for making the attainment of my goals possible.  Again this year I was the oldest woman completing the entire 6-hour ride AND I actually won the “sprinting” competition against 99 other riders….with the instructor saying “ain’t nobody gonna beat THAT speed!” 
The energy and enthusiasm of that group of riders and supporters was without words.  The encouragement of each of the 'instructors' who each led an hour of the ride was phenomenal.  One of the spinning instructors at Malibu Fitness extended his effort to a 24-hour ride for this cause.  “Crazy Christopher” began riding at 3:00 p.m. on Friday and finished his ride with the rest of us at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday.  He also led the instruction for the last 1/2 hour of the ride...pushing himself and all of us past all physical limits.  It was simply INSANE!

Last year I had hit a wall between hours 3 & 4 and really had to push through it to finish.  Amazingly, this year my “wall” did not come until about 45 minutes AFTER the 6-hour ride had finished (a fact that I am giving my wonderful nutrition coach, Sherry, the credit for!)….I was listening to a friend speak and all of a sudden she started saying “o;j r ow4mop 3sl;qxk;  weijx wexk  je kek c  ker ejawem elk ejfojeomls,;[peh3mwe,f;”  ….I realized that I had just smashed head-first into the wall and it was time to head home and hit the couch for a while!  LOL!

My heartfelt prayers go out to this family; I was honored to be able to do my small part to help -- you all should be too! :)  Again, thank you so much for your contribution!  YEAH!


P.S.  Believe it or not, yes, I'm off to spinning class again!!!!  "Seize the day!"


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